Gold, The Ancient, The modern and The Futuristic Asset Class – The Class Apart.


To build, characterize, designate, exemplify, illustrate, interpret, formalize, and label Gold as timeless currency with absolute class domination, The Gold First.


To stimulate and sustain demand for gold, provide monetization of , be the leader on the gold liquidity.


GoldSikka Jewels limited is part of a diversified three decades old Aztar Group. Est. in 1990, which specializes in Print Media, Tech Application, Insurance Broking, Data Analytics, Ecommerce, Non Tangible Asset Management, Property Underwriting, Corporate Law Advisory and Activations.

The Goldsikka Jewels is the market innovative organisation for the gold industry as an asset class. Our purpose is to stimulate and sustain demand for gold provide monetization of Gold and be the leaders on the gold liquidity.

We are a unique organization that delivers tangible benefits to the gold assets. We are an active force within the market working with a large and diverse set of partners to create access, drive innovation and stimulate demand while providing a collective voice for our customers. We provide insights into the international gold markets helping people to understand the investment qualities of gold and its role in meeting the social and environmental needs of self and society.

Goldsikka is an organised and transparent method of buying 24 carat gold in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Goldsikka is neither a financial product nor a deposit and also not a Profiteering or a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS), but a method of purchasing gold for the personal needs of the customer. Customer can buy the gold under this plan according to his wish. The customer has complete freedom to seek physical delivery of gold or bars anytime and on as many occasions as he wants. Since it is not physically possible to deliver a fractional quantity of gold, minimum quantity for which the delivery is proposed to be made has been kept as low as 1 gram and in multiples of 1 gram. The gold on behalf of the customer would be purchased including GST as and when his/her clear funds are available.

The gold market has undergone significant change over the past two decades becoming larger, stronger and more widely understood. The Goldsikka Jewels has been a key player in many of the initiatives that have driven that change such as the liberalization of the gold as an liquid asset of raising liquid cash by Sale/Mortgage. We have also increased recognition of gold as a financial asset across a wide spectrum of market segments supported by physically backed gold product innovations.

The Goldsikka Jewels has broad experience and deep knowledge of the factors driving market change. This allows us to operate with insight and act with authority in seeking to resolve financial liquid issues, create pro-gold and anti interest mindsets and raise standards across the communities. We concentrate on delivering structural change that has long-term impact and are at scale.

In these times of extreme uncertainty and rapid change, we enable communities, investors and households to protect their financial futures by deploying gold’s unique qualities:

The constant of value…….

  •   A highly liquid yet scarce asset.
  •  A safe haven in uncertain times.
  •  An uncorrelated risk diversifier.
  •  A hedge against fiat currency depreciation.

Gold as an asset class

Gold is a highly liquid yet scarce asset which is no one’s liability. As an investment it can play four fundamental roles in a portfolio:

  •  A diversifier that can mitigate losses in times of market stress.
  •  A source of long-term returns.
  •  A liquid asset with no credit risk that has outperformed fiat currencies.
  •  An enhance overall portfolio performance.

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