24-karat & 22-karat Gold Price in India -17th February 2023

Over the years, Gold has proven to be the ideal inflation hedge. Investors are considering Gold to be a significant investment. Gold prices highlighted below represent current rates of 24-karat and 22-karat Gold as of today.

24-karat & 22-karat Gold Price

17th February 2023, 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in India

Gold Rate
Gram 22K Today 22K Yesterday Change In Price

1 Gram



₹Minus -20

8 Gram



₹Minus -160

10 Gram



₹Minus -200

100 Gram



₹Minus -2,000

17th February 2023, 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in India

Gold Rate Per Gram in India
Gram 22K Today 22K Yesterday Change In Price

1 Gram



₹Minus -22

8 Gram



₹Minus -176

10 Gram



₹Minus -200

100 Gram



₹Minus -2,000

24 Carat & 22 Carat Current Gold Price

The 24-carat Gold of 99.9 purity is completely devoid of any other metals. Your Gold coins and bars are made using 24-karat Gold. Gold with a 22-carat purity is perfect for folding and shaping your jewellery. It is made up of two parts silver, nickel, or any other metal and 22 parts Gold. The 22 carat Gold represents 91.67 percent pure Gold.

Current Gold Rate in your Cities

Based on a number of variables such as demand, interest rates, octroi fees, state taxes, Gold dealers, bullion associations, transportation expenses, making fees, and others, Gold rates may differ from city to city.

What Factors Impacts Gold Price in India?

Gold is one of the popular investment instruments worldwide and in India. Like other financial assets, Gold price is always changing. Although one of the main elements that affects Gold market price is demand, a variety of other factors also play a part. Below are a few of the variables that determine Gold prices every day.


Like any other commodity, Gold prices are influenced by supply and demand economics. Prices jump with the rise in demand and low supply. A surplus of Gold combined with weak or stagnant demand might cause prices to decline. In India, the wedding and holiday seasons tend to see an increase in its demand.

Inflation & Interest Rates

The value of the currency decreases due to inflation. You might choose to save your money in the form of Gold in such a situation. People frequently sell their Gold to earn high interest as interest rates rise. Similar to this, demand for Gold rises as interest rates fall since more people tend to buy it.

Government Reserves

India is one of many nations that have substantial Gold holdings in their financial reserves. But, if this reserve is more than the amount of Gold that the government sells, there is a shortage and the price of Gold rises. The Reserve Bank of India is responsible for maintaining this reserve in India.

Currency Fluctuation

US Dollars are used in all international Gold transactions. The price of Gold changes during import when US Dollars are converted to Indian rupees. Generally, as the value of the Indian rupee falls, the price of importing Gold increases.

Wealth Tax & Entry Tax

In contrast to entry tax, which is assessed when commodities enter a state, octroi is assessed when products enter a city. In addition, a wealth tax is applied on Gold valued at more than Rs. 30 lakhs.

Making Charges

Making charges are usually levied on Gold jewellery and may differ from jeweller-to-jeweller depending on the design, cut, carving, etc.

Gold Purity

Purity of Gold is one of the most important factors to be considered before Gold shopping and is defined in terms of “Carats”, with 24K being the purest form. However, 24K Gold is present in a malleable liquid form and needs to be mixed with other metals for sturdiness. For instance, 22k Gold is a mix of 22 parts of Gold, i.e. 91.6% and 2 parts of other metal alloys. The greater the level of purity, the more expensive Gold is.

Gold Commodities (Coins & Bars)

The market value of some collectible Gold coins is higher than that of other Gold types. Gold Bars or Bullions of investment quality have purity levels between 99.5% and 99.99%. Together with the weight and the name of the maker, this data is printed on the Bar.

Authentic Gold Certification

Hallmarking is the process of affixing marks to precious metals, the Bureau of Indian Standard in India certifies the purity of Gold. So always buy hallmarked Gold of utmost legality and purity.

In Conclusion

Gold price is always changing based on the state of the market. Make sure you check the price of this precious metal on reliable sources. While it is impossible to forecast an increase or decrease in its prices, you can stay in touch with your family jewellers for an estimation. For accurate Gold pricing, have the Gold weighed by a trusted jewellery store.