A Bump in Silver Price Leaves People Awestruck !!!

Silver is a reflective, attractive, and durable element used as jewellery, coins, and bullion. Investing money by buying silver bullion is a clever move because billions are the pure form of silver with a purity of 925. Investing in silver is a great choice as it is used in various ways from household to industry so it will give you a fruitful result.

  1. First two days of this week silver price was a little down to Rs. 67,500 with a difference of Rs. 700 from the last week. On the very next day, 27th November silver rate remained the same.

  2. On 28th November silver graph increased to Rs. 68,100 with a jump of Rs. 600, on 29th November silver price was the same as the previous Day.

  3. On 30th November silver rate was Rs. 68,000 with a dip of Rs.100 from the last two days.

  4. By entering this December, silver rate increased to Rs. 69,800 in a rocket speed with a difference of Rs.1800. On 2nd December silver price again increased to Rs.70,500 with a hike of 700 from the last day. This is the highest silver rate till now this week.

  5. On 3rd December it was Rs. 71,000 then it increased to Rs. 74,000 on 13th December. And it was the highest price of silver for this month. Right now the silver rate is going down a bit, this is good information for those who want to buy silver. Today, 16th December silver rate is Rs. 72,700.

This week's price of silver graph surprised everyone, this was a long jump in the history of silver. This is not a suitable time to purchase silver as the silver price is sky-high.

Every month the price fluctuates. It's never constant in the market, It all depends on the market value and market requirements. If the market requirement is high then the silver rate is high simultaneously if the condition is low then the silver rate will be somehow less.

Generally in the wedding season, gold and silver prices increase high in the market and after the wedding season, the silver price is down.

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