Dropping Gold Rates Receive the Indian Gold Buyers at the Gold Market

The 22 and 24 carats of Gold are anticipated to increase or decrease in price in the present and future. Due to its ability to act as a buffer against inflation and economic instability, Gold buyers remain at the receiving end when the Gold prices depreciate with the depreciation of the Indian Rupee. For many, this might be the best moment to buy Gold commodities at lower rates.


Gold Rates Gravitated On Friday, 24 February

Spot Gold rates dropped this Friday, Feb 24 across all the major Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai & other locales. Today, ten grams of 22-carat Gold in India cost Rs 51,700. Yesterday the Gold was placed at a price of Rs 51,800.

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Gram(G) Today's Gold Price Yesterday's Gold Price
1G ₹5,651 ₹5,651
10G ₹56,510 ₹56,510
100G ₹5,65,100 ₹5,65,100


Gram(G) Today's Gold Price Yesterday's Gold Price
1G ₹5,170 ₹5,180
10G ₹51,700 ₹51,800
100G ₹5,17,000 ₹5,18,000

Gold Bowed Down to Rs 305 & Silver Slipped to Rs 805

On Thursday, Gold price declined Rs 305 to Rs 56,035 per 10 grams amid a fall in rates of precious metal across the world. On the previous trading day, the precious metal settled at Rs 56,340 per 10 grams. Silver saw a dip of Rs 805 to Rs 65,095 per kg.

Overseas Gold Market

Two of the precious metals Gold and Fine Silver in the international market were quoted lower at USD 1,827 per ounce and USD 21.57 per ounce. Asian trading hours also registered the behaviour of the Gold that traded downwards on Thursday.

Latest Federal Reserve Policy

Spot Gold slowed down 2.5% to $1,864.79 per ounce. Bullion stood on the bottom track for its biggest weekly fall ever since last October. Currently, Gold moved to the lower line after the Federal Reserve released its recent policy. It indicated the US central bank's likelihood to hike and hold interest rates at the top for a longer time to ease inflationary pressures.

Gold Rates Receded on Thursday, Feb 23

On Thursday, the prices of the 22 and 24-carats of Gold showed shrinking patterns across the Pearl City of Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and beyond. Ten grams of 22-carat Gold cost Rs 51,800 while 24-carat Gold recorded Rs 56,510 in the Indian subcontinent.

Gold Rates On Wednesday, 22 February

On this day, ten grams of 22-carat Gold in India valued at Rs 52,000 and the same amount of 24-carat Gold was sold at Rs 57,730. However, the Indian household's Gold purchasing behaviour remained constant throughout the day.

Flash & Fall of Gold Rates On 21 February

The downfall in the Gold prices as of Tuesday, 21 February 2023 surprised the Indian Gold buyers. The 22-carat Gold was traded at the cost of Rs 52,000 per ten grams. The value of the 24-carat Gold stood firmly at Rs 56,730 as against yesterday's price declared as Rs 56,830.

Gold Rates On Monday, 20 February 2023

Indian Gold prices remain unchanged on 20 February 2023. The 10 grams of 22-carat Gold traded at the price tag of Rs 52,200 and the same amount of 24-carat Gold Bullion and Gold coins were tagged at Rs 56,950.

In Conclusion

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