Gold Rate is a major topic in the financial world. It's a moving swing that makes it harder to tell which direction it will head. There are times when it spikes and other times it gets lower. Gold Rate is one fluctuating graph and keeping a hang of it can get tough. Every minute, the gold rate is constantly changing. And it's difficult to maintain a grip on the situation, much like the other financial markets where the rise and fall are unpredictable.


The Indian economy has always been driven by gold. Gold and jewellery have been an important part of India's rich history, culture, and economy. In older times gold was used as a medium of transaction by various countries and states. People have always recognized its worth for its appealing qualities and since then, gold jewellery and adornments were flaunted with grace. But, in today's modern era it mainly serves as an investment commodity in financial markets. Gold as a commodity can solely hedge against inflation.

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It's not uncommon to see various websites offering you the current gold rate and silver rate today. The difference is in the way they research and present the exact number – different sites provide varying information on prevailing gold prices. To help you avoid such confusion, misinformation, and hassles, Goldsikka brings you real-time gold rates that will soon become your ideal source of information regarding the Gold rate.

Various factors affect gold rates. One of them is the economic scenario in countries around the globe. Another one is the inflation rate, which also has a direct impact on our pockets. Besides this, other factors can affect your precious metal investment.

Gold prices fluctuate, as do all other commodities. This means that on any given day, you might have to pay more or less for your gold than you are willing to buy. But this is temporary — for each good news about the gold price (below Rs.50,000), it will inevitably go up again. That's why at Goldikka our job is to track the real-time movements of the global precious metal market and make sure our clients always know what to expect from this precious metal market.

We all know Gold is a good option for your portfolio. Gold can be traded with ease and offers better returns compared to other assets. Gold is an attractive asset to own, and adds value to our financial portfolio and our lifestyle as well. GoldSikka is here for the rescue. We have come up with a live gold rate. Buying gold is said to be the best investment one can make in the long term. However, if you plan to buy gold in the short term or long term, then it is advised to keep tracking the gold rate because prices on some days can vary drastically from one day to another. GoldSikka is just a few clicks away to give you a real-time market gold rate.