Goldsikka Makes Gold Accessible to Commoner : Historical Moment The World is Waiting for

Gold’s remarkable value knows no bounds and Goldsikka is successfully stimulating and sustaining gold’s demand for years. Goldsikka powering up gold investors and helping them build a fortune. Goldsikka provides gold investment consultation for every class’s citizens and guides them to take their investments to a whole new level.


Goldsikka Purity and Certifications

Goldsikka is associated with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), GJEPC, India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd (IBJA), and Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation (MMTC). These companies are in the import business, and all are government-certified, which provides pure and quality gold.

We, at Goldsikka, offer gold bullion, and jewellery. Our expertise and certification are proof that we never compromise on Gold quality and purity.

Goldsikka merging with Technology

We are growing with technology. The Goldsikka app is a one-stop solution for our customers. Customers can buy gold online without visiting any physical store. Goldsikka puts no limit on the quantity of Gold, you can buy gold in minute quantities such as 0.5 gms.

To get ahead with your investments and hedge against inflation Goldsikka team is always available to assist you. Our Gold investment are curated for different class citizens. Goldsikka caters to a diverse range of gold buyers and strives to keep up with their gold demands.

Goldsikka’s tailor-made investments

❖Gold Suvidha: This is super budget-friendly and easy to get started with and perfect for beginner investors.
❖ Gold Plus This is for pro buyers where the buyers earn a profit of one month’s free installment after the completion of 11 eleven months.

Goldsikka is making history: The launch of first ever Gold ATM

Goldsikka has launched India's first and the world's first real-time gold ATM on 3rd Dec 2022 in Hyderabad.

A Gold ATM is an Automated teller machine from which you can withdraw gold instead of cash. To verify the purity of withdrawn gold, it comes out with a purity certification number. The gold can be withdrawn in the range of 0.5 gms to 100 gms.

Gold ATM significance for our nation

We are empowering the new-age investor and simplifying investments and saving for every citizen. When the people of a nation are financially strengthened the economy will shoot up.

We are aspiring to redefine India’s economy by building India as a capital flourishing nation. We are reinventing Bharat - Sone ki Chidiya Phir Se and contributing our part to the vision of Bangaru Telangana.