Goldsikka's Measures to Contribute to a Sustainable Future: World Quality Day

History of World Quality Day: The Back Story

World Quality Day was established in 1919 by the Chartered Quality Institute, this institute is an organization with memberships of 4000 people headquartered in London. Every year on the second Thursday in November, World Quality Day is celebrated. This year i.e. 2022, world quality day is celebrated on 10th November.

The CQI's first World Quality Day conference took place at the Inmarsat Conference Centre in London on November 13, 2008, and it lived up to its billing as a hub for motivation, development, and creative approaches. In many places, World Quality Day and World Quality Month are celebrated together.

While China has observed its own Quality Month since 1978, Japan has celebrated it in November since 1960. The United States and Canada noticed National Quality Month in 1988. In 1990, World Quality Day was formally defined by the United Nations.

The Significance of World Quality day

The golden goal of this day is to promote consciousness and to offer assistance for people and organizations in their pursuit of the conservation for the nation’s economy and the acceptance of exacting quality. Everything that’s done which includes the nature of companies and organizations, must be of the best quality. As a result, this special day is known as World Quality Day as it was created to raise awareness of the importance of quality issues. The purpose of the day is to increase quality awareness all over the world and to promote economic growth for people and organizations by encouraging the implementation of exacting quality. Which is what, Goldsikka as an organization strives and flourishes on.

Goldsikka’s contributions to Quality day:

While we talk about conserving the quality of the world, we at Goldsikka are keeping up with the quality standards of our customers and raising the bar. We protect and craft the most precious gold extracted from the deep mines of mother earth and deliver the purest form by ethical means.
Our mantra is to deliver purity and trust through our gold and contribute to conserving the quality.

The role of Goldsikka as an organization in Quality day

Among organizations, quality has a role in promoting income, preserving and enhancing identities, and inspiring progress. Quality is a characteristic of a product or service that is offered to customers and as a sign of business that has satisfied all of its clients.

World Quality Day is a platform to establish these principles as an organization and to recognize the value of quality in a global market where success is defined by quality, development, and sustainability. Everything, from food to gold, depends on quality.

The importance of quality cannot be overstated. Many businesses claim to have values when it relates to quality. The criteria of responsible organizations always try to act morally, even when it's not the simplest course of action.

The Quality awareness should extend beyond the considerations of the customers and shareholder’s interests to take into the wellness of employees, society, and the ecosystem.

Goldsikka’s as an organization believes in empowering employees and implementing new ways to build a trustworthy brand for our customers and employees.

We are an organization with a strong sense of quality and are concerned with our collaborators, consumers, and the environment. We are committed to devoting time, money, and expertise to creating effective quality processes.

Key Takeaways:

World quality day is the moral responsibility of every citizen of the country. We as individuals and businesses have to contribute to the nation to build up the economy, sustainability, and human rights to change the world for the better.