Guru Nanak Dev Ji Showed Us The Righteous Path Of Truth And Selflessness.

Guru Nanak is the highly celebrated Guru of Sikhism and the founder of the Sikhism religion. Guru Nanak has shaped the beliefs and directed the believers of Sikhism to the path of virtue and truth.

Guru Nanak Ji's significance to Sikhism.

Guru Nanak was born on the 15th of April 1469 in Talwandi, Pakistan. When he was taking steps toward his religious journey, he was extremely committed to his principles of honesty, spirituality, and humanity.

Guru Nanak is the epitome of truth, loyalty, and spirituality. It's one of the most celebrated and holy festivals among Sindhis and Sikhs. Guru Nanak Jayanti is one of the most sacred festivals of Sikhs. The believers of Sikhism are the followers of Guru Nanak's teachings and are loving towards the festival.

The 8th of November is the day when Guru Nanak Jayanti is celebrated and the devotees of Guru Nanak Ji, celebrate the festival with peacefulness, zeal, prayers, and delight.

Guru Nanak Jayanti is the celebration of 10 Gurus and it's also known as Guruparb.

Guru Nanak's beautiful teachings.

His teachings say any person can connect to God and strengthen their spirituality by worshiping the conscience. These endearing principles and teachings of Guru Nanak inspired Sikhs in many ways and Sikhs revered Guru Nanak as the healer and power of their community.

Guru Nanak believed in the selflessness and harmony of mankind. Sikhs celebrate the festival as the Guru Parb, which means the Day of the teacher. The teachings of Guru Nanak carried an essence of peace and tranquility with him to get closer to the act of worship and righteousness to fight evil. Guru Nanak's teachings have helped and empathized with mankind. Guru Nanak's teachings give us a message to live life in the right, ethical and truthful way.

The most important teachings of Guru Nanak are:

1. Always work and worship the omnipotent lord.
2. Never complain about the less, and always practice gratitude.
3. Always help the less privileged from your earnings.
4. The presence of the Lord can be felt in every living being.

The Rituals of Guru Nanak Jayanti.

1. Early morning with a cleansed mind and body, one should chant 'Nit Nam'.
2. Visit Gurudwara and listen to Kirtan and Ardaas.
3. Contribute to the Langar.
4. Jagran is organized.
5. Early mornings are the auspicious time to pray and chant according to Guru Nanak, and Sikhs wake up early to perform prayers.

Follow Guru Ji's teachings to find enlightenment.

Guru Nanak's teachings are sacred that lead us to the path of peace, serenity, and truthfulness. When we worship the conscience we can be able to differentiate between good and bad and can follow the righteous way. Guru Nanak's teachings were followed for centuries and with the help of the right teachings of the Guruji, we can captivate positivity, peace, love for mankind, and selflessness.

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