How Do I Prevent Breakage in Costume Jewellery?

Jewellery is the most prized asset of women, and any damage caused to it can be heartbreaking. In the women's world, jewellery breaking is an important deal and every woman once in her life has gone through this heart-wrenching pain.

Jewellery is a highly prized asset, and any damage to it can be a massive loss, one has to handle it with care and keep it secured.

Jewellery is not just a piece to flaunt, it is an emotion for every woman. There is refined thought and research put into crafting costume jewellery and then matching it up with the outfits by enhancing the collection.
There is nothing like too much jewellery and accessories for women. Every time while choosing an outfit, there is always the thought of not having enough jewellery to accessorize crosses every woman's mind.
Jewellery is a vital element to enhance any look and make you look well-put up. Keeping up with trends and maintaining an authentic style jewellery collection is varied.

A wide range of jewellery collections needs to be stored well, protected from pollution and direct sunlight, and used gently.
Owning gold jewellery is such a gratifying feeling, but this pleasure will come with its drawbacks. Jewellery is a delicate treasure and taking care of this precious ornament can be overwhelming. Owning gold jewellery is a wonderful sensation, but it is not without its negatives. Jewellery is a fragile possession, and caring for this treasured piece can be stressful.

But why is that? Let us find out

Why does it seem near to impossible to avoid jewellery breakage?

Owning a diverse range of collections will have its conditions. Because the more exquisite your collection, the harder it gets to store the jewellery. Having a varied range of collections will have ramifications.
Seasons, festivals, trips, and storing the jewellery in bad conditions are some factors that damage the jewellery from the core and increase the chances of breakage. Sometimes it's inevitable to keep these jewellery damaging factors at bay.
Despite constant care and protection, gold jewellery still gets broken, making you rethink your old ways of taking care of your jewellery.
The debate over how to store and safeguard costume jewellery is unending. We investigate 1000s of methods for storage and safeguarding these valuable ornaments for you to keep them safe from external harm and breakage.

So before storing the jewellery with care, you need to know when to protect it.

Check out when to remove your jewellery.

  • 1. On beach trips or before diving into the pool: The saltiness of the ocean can damage the strength of the jewellery and water can wash it off by weakening it. Store your jewellery in a clean and dry place to avoid breakage.

    2. While playing with kids: Kids' playtime is a must in every home. After a hectic day spending quality time with kids can be the ultimate stressbuster. But children's innocent spontaneousness can cause breakage to the jewellery.

    3. Before doing skincare and applying makeup: Water and jewellery aren't a happy combo. While you are doing your skincare in the morning or the night, try taking off the jewellery and then get started with your self-care session. The chemical formulas in skincare products can be damaging to the jewellery. On the other hand, while you are using makeup, avoid every chance of jewellery and makeup coming into contact. The makeup formulas hold a slight possibility of damaging jewellery and causing breakage.

    4. Before bathing: Wearing jewellery while bathing can not only cause breakage but jewellery can get slipped away. Take off jewellery to avoid breakage and loss.

Storing the gold is the utmost step to getting rid of jewellery breakage.

Try out these effortless hacks to become a pro at storing jewellery.

  • 1. Store in the cool and dry places

    2. Avoid the direct sunlight storage

    3. Plastic containers to store jewellery comes in handy

    Owning every desired piece of jewellery is a dream of every woman, but taking care of it shouldn't be a hectic task.

Strengthen every piece of jewellery in your collection.

We hope these easy-peasy tips help you out in keeping the breakage of your favorite jewellery pieces at bay and may you pamper the gold lover inside you with love.