The Tale of the most Fluctuating Gold Times .

From October to the first week of November, Gold seen a dip and buyers' locked the gold deals at great prices.
Gold was affordable for the buyers and investors as almost 12 gms of Gold cost Rs. 50k. Ever since the buyers and investors made the most out of it.

Gold vendors say they witnessed the drastic Gold price fall of the year in October.

Due to economic factors, Gold's dip was inevitable. Gold experts had predicted the dip at the beginning of October when Gold prices were soaring before, and vendors were too happy.

In the third week of October, the dip was still going on. Gold went down from Rs. 56k to Rs. 52k reducing the overall profits of vendors.

Such a similar pattern of the Gold rates observed in September as well. In the first two weeks of September the Gold was sky-high, and as soon as the third week got started, gold lowered.

This pattern has been a constant for the past 4 months and everybody thought this would go on for a long time.
But November arrived and proved us wrong. The analytical pattern we were expecting in November went upside down. At first, when October was ending, it was a falling phase of Gold, and everybody was getting used to it. This fall continued till the 4th November, including a gradual rise of Rs. 200 on the 2nd of November.
From the 5th of November Gold started to see heights. It was a gradual kick-start with an increase of Rs. 500, and since then, Gold wasn't getting any lower. This was a consistent rise Gold was seeing after so long.
Vendors were enjoying it as this rise was doubling their profits.
On 17th November, Gold started falling with a small dip of Rs. 200, but this went further till 23rd of November.

Let us get into a deeper analysis of the last week's Gold rates.

From 18th November the gold rate was taking a dip.
From Rs. 54, 740 gold dip lead to Rs. 54,030 in the span of a week.
From 18th November, the gold rate was taking a dip.
From Rs. 54, 740 gold dip lead to Rs. 54,030 in the span of a week.
The real-time gold price on 18th November was Rs.54,580 and this kept decreasing to Rs. 54,260 on 19th November.
In the coming days, the gold decrease. The dip took gold to Rs. 54,060 on 21st November. But on, 22nd November, there was a slight increase in the prices, which made the gold price stood at Rs. 54,140. On 23rd November gold fell again to Rs. 54,030, and on 24th November, gold again raised to Rs. 54, 375.
This was the most tremoring week, Gold prices have ever witnessed. This interesting graph makes the predictions fail but prepares us for such uncertain times.
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