World Flocks to Buy Physical Gold of 999 Purity

Gold in the form of jewellery is not only used as a wearable asset, but also works as a security under financial emergencies. There are many ways to own gold physically in the form of jewellery, coins, and gold bars. Now, gold buyers can enjoy the benefits of buying gold in denominations of their choice.


Gold-buying schemes

To make gold buying more affordable, Goldsikka has launched gold buying schemes. The welcoming gold plans are affordable for everyone, including budget-class individuals. With this, buyers can avail themselves of gold in installments payable daily, weekly, and monthly. At the end of the terms, buyers can buy gold at a value that is equivalent to the total deposit money, along with a bonus amount.

Gold Suvidha Plan:

● No fixed payment cycle.

● Pay as less as Rs.100/- and pick your 24-carat gold today.

● Enjoy the freedom of paying in 11 months (330 days).

● Avail of easy installments on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

● Plan for the 24-carat gold of 999 purity, starting from 0.5 grams.

Gold Plus Plan:

● The payment plan starts from Rs.1000/- to Rs.9500/- per application.

● Get a One-month bonus after completing 11 months of tenure.

● Get a One-month bonus after completing 11 months of tenure.

● Save up to 50% on making charges.

Below is the broad range of physical gold for you to choose from:

Gold Jewellery

People in India always adore owning gold. Buying gold jewellery as a part of Indian tradition has its own significance. The gold legacy is generously used and later treasured to be passed on to the next generation. Thus, the Gold ornaments of 22-carat, 916-purity gold are a great source of liquidity and luxury.

Gold bullion and coins

Gold is a quality asset that does not fade or spoil at any point in time. Gold coins and bullion are the purest form of gold and contain 24-carat purity with a 999 fitness. Buying gold bullion and coins is always a great source of investment. The gold coins, bullion, and bars are the products hallmarked and certified as per the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). You can consider buying 24-carat Goldsikka measuring 0.5 gms to 100 gms optionally if you have a greater budget you can plan to buy a gold bullion weighing anything between 1 gm to 1 kg. For your convenience, the Goldsikka or coins can be easily dispensed using India's first and the world's first real-time Gold ATM.


Now you realize how Goldsikka's schemes have been designed to be soft on your pockets. With the help of the Gold Suvidha plan and the Gold Plus plan, which start with a small investment.