Goldsikka is the market innovative organisation for the gold industry as an asset class. Our purpose is to stimulate and sustain demand for gold provide monetization of Gold and be the leaders on the gold liquidity.

We have been a key player in many of the initiatives that have driven that change such as the liberalization of the gold as a liquid asset of raising liquid cash by Sale/Mortgage. We have also increased recognition of gold as a financial asset across a wide spectrum of market segments by physically backed gold product innovations.

We have broad experience and deep knowledge of the factors driving market change. This allows us to operate with insight and act with authority in seeking to resolve financial liquid issues, create pro-gold mindsets and raise standards across the communities. We concentrate on delivering structural change that has long-term impact and are at scale.

Smart Jewellery Program

One stop shop for all the Jewellery needs.

High growth financial resources and margins.

Branding elevates you through e-commerce, Tech enabling & Social media support.

Business offers

  • 1. Your Monthly scheme (Chits)
    • Tech support & Online platform
    • Increase in New Customers
    • Help in Collecting Monthly Payments
  • 2. Buy Back Gold
    • Buy Gold Jewellery from you at Best Price
    • Gold Scrap Purchase
    • Finance Assistance for Jewellery purchase
  • 3. Jewellery Manufacturing
    • Manufacture any type of Jewellery
    • Customized Design
    • Less Making Charges
    • 50,000 Plus Design Portfolio
    • Gold Refining at Licenced Refinery
  • 4. Loans
    • Refinance Gold Loans
    • New Customers Lead Generation
    • Network Collection Point
  • 5. Fulfilment Jeweller
    • Delivery and service point for network customers
    • Network neighborhood connections

Collaborative Add-ons

  • 1. Technology
    • Website
    • Social Media Promotions
    • CRM/ERP
  • 2. Security
    • CCTV camera
    • Access Control-
    • Alarm System
    • Networking &Software
  • 3. Local media coverage
  • 4. My Gate App & other Apps
  • 5. Radio Promotion
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