Success Stories

Employee Success Story In Goldsikka Jewels Limited

Lilly Meruga, AVPO – HR & Admin, Goldsikka.

I am Lilly Meruga joined Goldsikka as an Assistant Vice President Operations, HR and Administration. I worked for GE Money, where I was given an opportunity to be an HR Rep for my team and I was given practical training with a certificate. Later I had an opportunity to be abroad and work there as an Academic and Operations Manager. I was trained on ISO standards and policies. My previous job role was a Manager’s role for Administration, HR and Compliance. Every role and job proved to be a learning curve. It’s been a month that I am in Goldsikka handling various departments and resources. It’s a challenging role where lot of patience and instant ideas are required to prove.

At Goldsikka sky is the limit for success. If a person has ample of experience with proven skills they can work in Goldsikka . The CEO and directors of Goldsikka is highly qualified and well experienced as they come from various business backgrounds with huge knowledge and expertise. Goldsikka is the right place for anybody who is a workaholic and loves to deliver their best performance under stressful conditions. It doesn’t mean that we are always under stress. We do have trainings, team building activities and celebrations. Management is vigilant and will provide support where it is necessary.