Secure Your PIN

It might sound a bit strange but it's the truth. Goldsikka launched Gold ATM in Hyderabad at Ashoka Raghupathi Chambers, adj. to Prakash Nagar Metro Station, Begumpet, Hyderabad-500 016 on 3rd December. From this Gold ATM you can withdraw 999 purity 24k gold from 0.5gm to 100 gm by using your debit or credit card.

Secure Your PIN

It's beneficial for everyone, there is no need to wait in a jewellery store to buy gold.Your time will also be saved. Now Buying Gold and Investing in Gold is much easier with Goldsikka’s Gold ATM . Goldsikka is the one stop solution for the investors to invest in gold where you can buy gold coin, gold bullion, silver bullion, jewellery, and customized jewellery digitally.

To do a transaction we need to know the ATM PIN(personal identification number ) first.

What is an ATM PIN?

ATM PIN or Personal Identification Number is a 4-digit unique code or number which is required at the time of transaction.

Why is ATM PIN Important?

The PIN acts as an additional method of identification. Your card could be in the hands of anyone, but only you should know the PIN that works with the card. It's essential to keep the PIN secret Because the PIN authorizes you to access sensitive information.

How to protect your PIN

➢ When you are doing a transaction in an ATM, then you should keep in mind that no one else can know your PIN.

➢ You can stand up in such a way as to cover up the KeyPad so that the person behind you can’t see what you enter as the PIN.
➢ Never share your ATM PIN with anyone else.
➢ Do not write your ATM PIN on your cardholder, paper, or anywhere, always try to remember it by yourself.
➢ Keeping the security of the people in mind, some new features have been added to Gold ATMs.If you enter the wrong PIN more than three times, your card will be blocked for some hours automatically.

Gold is a valuable asset in one's life, some use it in jewelry, while some invest in gold by buying gold coins and Bullions. Safety is a major concern while buying gold. On Goldsikkas Gold ATM, customer safety and security are our first concern, such that people will not face any problems. We have installed a security camera for safety and a person is always available physically outside the ATM.