Why Indian Women’s Love Gold

The divine deities embellished in yellow gold mark purity, presentability, and prosperity. Since then, Gold Jewellery has become integral to women's existence. Thus, our traditional Indian society takes 24 Karat Gold as a grand gesture towards garnishing their lives. with its limitless bounties and benefits. With today’s Indian women becoming active Gold investors, Gold stocks bet to offer them with remarkable appreciation. Glistened by the glory of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Gold spills its magical properties to illuminate the lives of millions. Now you know why metallic Gold has tremendous social significance in a woman's life.


Wearing Gold jewellery has Scientific Evidence

Apart from beautification and glorification, Gold has ample healing properties. It has the power to purify everything it touches. Wherever worn, Gold creates friction across the body landscapes.

This leads to the activation of blood circulation for good health. Let’s see how each wearable piece of Gold influences the well-being of those wearing it:

Ear Rings

Ear piercing practice has the property to stir the central nervous system. It’s from the ears that nerves run to the eyes. When adorned by the BIS hallmarked Gold earring, the body creates resistance power to improve eyesight, eye strains, and leads to the revival of the body as a whole.

Finger Rings

We know it’s through the fingers that many nerves join the heart and the brain. Wearing pure Gold rings in the fingers stimulates vital organs like health and brain.

Gold Choker-style Necklaces

The neck encompasses complex blood vessels and many nerve channels. Friction caused by Maala or Mangalsutra around the neck results in the flow of positive energy in the mind and body.

Gold Bangles

The hands accessorized by the circular Gold bangles absorb electromagnetic energy. This energy gets reverted into the body to affect blood circulation.

Gold Mangtikka

Setting the Gold Mangtikka or Maang-patti over the temple of the head regulates body temperature. This piece of Gold helps to put the mind to endless peace and tranquility.

Gold Toe Ringlets

A nerve in the second toe has a connection to the uterus. The same nerve from the uterus makes its way to the heart. The magical bichuya or toe ring let the women’s reproductive cycle change for the better. Usually worn on the second toe, Gold helps to resonate heat and energy from the depth of the earth to the human body.

Gold Nose Screw

Wearing a nose pin or nathni again brings health benefits. These nose screws eliminate the complications of menstrual cramps. Additionally, they offer a bit of comfort to a woman in labor pains during childbirth.

Gold Waist Belts & Bands

A woman dressed with a 24 Carat Gold belt around her belly has more to gain. The Gold Kamarbandh impacts all the acupuncture points in the human body . It comes as aremedy to treat the body pains, common colds, and cough, respiratory distress, etc.

Gold Gifts Saved for the GenNext

Woman promises to pass on her Gold legacy to the next generation. The daughters, granddaughters, and sons inherit the mother's wealth of Gold. At the sacred weddings, the new brides and grooms take over the family heirloom in the form of heavy and heritage bridal They further preserve these prized pieces of precious Gold for a secured future.

India’s Obsession for Gold as an Asset

If diamonds are the woman’s best friend, Gold is the best Financial-instrument of trade for them. Gold brings value proposition to the woman's investment portfolio. The modern woman works with a different ideology when it comes to investing. Their definition of this stable metal as security is unique to that of their ancestors. Our predecessors treasured their wealth in their vaults, safes, and bank crypts. But the Knowledge-woman of the present times churn their Gold commodity to encash financial credits. Women with a Gold-centric mentality opt to spend their capital on Gold derivatives. Those sovereign Gold coins, bars, ingots, Gold bonds, Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and Digital Gold offer security. The enterprising women of authority reserves the right to own Gold. They either give the Gold, save the Gold or, otherwise sell the Gold away to make benchmarking profit.

Gold Impacts Indian Wedding & Festivities

Ever wondered why the demand for Gold skyrockets every quarter? The answer is to help equalize the rising needs of the Gold consumed almost at every Indian ceremony. India registers Large-scale manufacturing of Gold jewellery to meet the unique needs of the Gold Obsessed shoppers.

The Classified Gold Jewelleries

  1. All-Gold Bridal/Wedding Jewellery
  2. Handmade/Custom Jewellery
  3. Heritage/Antique Jewellery
  4. Temple Gold Jewellery
  5. Traditional Jewellery
  6. Gemstone Jewellery
  7. Boutique Jewellery
  8. Meenakari Jewellery
  9. Solitaire Jewellery
  10. Filigree Jewellery
  11. Polki Jewellery

The Nation's Net Gold Requirement

The Gold jewellery worn during auspicious occasions represents deep Indian traditions. Our Gold obsessed nation realizes the importance of Gold jewellery. India’s peculiar needs for this metal vary from occasion to occasion. Yearly, an Indian' household’s stock of Gold touches more than 35,000 tons. It's for this reason, the Indian Government imports over 3.4 trillion Indian rupees worth of Gold.

Gold Shoppification Platforms

What drifts the modern woman to those On-line Gold Galleries? Of course, it’s the Gold-trend and taste that the women are born with. With growing times, women’s craze for gold jewels seems to exceed expectations. Social media-savvy women frequently enter and exit On-line gold selling portals with a purpose. Fantasized by the Four-letter word (Gold), these internet-addicted buyers flock towards the brand bandwagon. Their bespoke, boutique, and bullion Gold Jewels design exploration accentuates their style, silhouettes, and outfits.

In Conclusion

Thanks to the Gold-obsessed Indian women and their impulsive Gold buying behavior that has brought India to the top in Gold holdings. Over the centuries, the truth about the Gold jewels remained untarnished. Despite inflation and economic crisis, it continues to dominate our Gold market. Now the world knows why Indian women love Gold so much. Come what may, Indian households have a soft spot for the aforesaid lucky charm.