World’s First Real-Time Gold ATM in Hyderabad

Goldsikka introduces its first Gold ATM in Hyderabad and it will be the first real-time Gold ATM globally. Goldsikka offers customers to complete basic transactions to buy gold without going to any physical jewellery stores. Gold ATMs have a diverse set of uses, It is easy to use, available 24x7, and you can buy gold within your budget. Gold ATMs allow customers easier access so that everyone can use their debit card, credit card, and UPI for making transactions.

Goldsikka has agreed with OpenCube Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is a Hyderabad-based startup company that provides software solutions for diverse financial and banking requirements to bring the first-of-its-kind Gold ATM to India. The goal of Goldsikka is to provide gold at the lowest possible price. The gold rates are constantly changing and getting a hang of it gets hard. With Goldsikka Gold ATMs, we are making Gold accessible to a highly varied audience and anybody can withdraw Gold from any ATM.

Now, anyone can buy gold in the market, just like they can buy any other commodity. Goldsikka is all-set to launch India’s first Gold ATM, a digital marketplace for buying and selling gold. Through these Gold ATMs, buyers can instantaneously purchase actual gold using any credit or debit card. Additionally, the business offers prepaid and postpaid smart cards that make purchasing gold as simple as withdrawing cash from any ATM.

Gold ATMs work like every other ATM, an ATM needs a credit or debit card to swipe after that buyer has to select the given option to buy the gold. Then the buyer selects the price and Gold worth your budget is released. Nowadays, Gold's unbreakable demand makes the Gold prices fly to new highs and Gold ATM aspires to become the one-stop virtual gold buying platform.

Goldsikka's Gold ATM will be the next destination for gold buyers; it will be available in Hyderabad. Our ambition is to install Gold ATMs throughout the city, especially in rural areas.

The first ATM will be installed and situated at Goldsikka’s head office Ashoka Raghupathi Chambers, adj. Prakash Nagar Metro Station, Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500 016.

By making the gold investment as easy as withdrawing money from an ATM, we hope it will attract buyers to the gold market. In this way, Goldsikka is going to make gold public with these Gold ATMs. Goldsikka makes it easier for anyone to buy it.

Gold Atm In Hyderabad

Gold ATM looks like a vending machine and dispenses gold. The update in the price of gold is based on the live prices. Earlier this month the gold price hit an all-time high of nearly 54,630 per 10 gms but the demand for gold will only grow. Gold ATM is a reflection of the demand from consumers, Like any other vending machine, Gold ATM also has a margin. This Gold ATM applies a margin of 0.5 gms to 100 gms.

The Gold ATM's popularity shows how much more available gold is becoming as demand picks up. Buying gold is easier nowadays with Goldsikka. The purpose of a Gold ATM is to provide a 24x7 gold purchasing service to customers without visiting any physical store.

Goldsikka never compromises on purity and always gives their customers high-quality gold. All of the gold currency found at Gold ATMs is 24-carat gold, which is regarded as the purest type of gold. Additionally, it displays the current gold price to keep clients informed of changes in the market. Gold coins were available in denominations ranging from 0.5 gms to 100 gms. No one may purchase less than 0.5 gms or more than 100 gms.

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