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Gold Plus Jewellery Purchase Plan

One Month Free Purchase

50% Discount on VA

Amount start from Rs 1000/-


Gold Plus Scheme

Goldsikka offers unique Gold Plus scheme earn benefits of getting one month free installment from Goldsikka on completion of eleven months.

Purchase any Jewellery of your choice at just 50% V.A. after completion of eleven months tenure.

Flexible payment tenure for 11 months at minimum amount as per customer convenience, which starts from Rs.1000/- and maximum Rs.5000/- per application.

Gold delivery will be after completion of tenure.

One Month Free Purchase, Easy payments, Gold on Emi, Easy Purchases for Gold


One month free installment paid by company on completion of 11 months tenure.

22 carat purity of gold 916 fineness.

Gold rate calculated on minimum monthly installment (MMP) payment day.

On successful completion of 11 months member can purchase gold jewellery of their choice.

Earn the benefits of 1 month free installment from Goldsikka besides taking home any gold of your choice.


1. The purchaser / customer confirms to have fully and understood the various terns & conditions of purchase plan offered by the company and based thereon, the purchaser / customer has requested to be selected to avail the gold under the Gold Plus scheme with terns and conditions as mentioned in purchase placement application & contract fonn.

2. The present gold purchase scheme is only in respect of 22 Carat Purity Gold and the rate prevalent at the time of actual purchase is applicable.

3. If the minimum monthly purchase (MMP) amount is stopped / Discontinued / Suspended then the customer will not be eligible for cash back and gold gram will be re-calculated as per fractional gram rate. Fractional gram rates are as follows:

(a) 4% plus for 9 gram

(b) 6% plus for 8 gram

(c) 8% plus for 7 gram

(d) 10% plus for 6 gram

(e) 12% plus for 5 gram

(f) 14% plus for 4 gram

(g) 16% plus for 3 gram

(h) 18% plus for 2 gram

(i) 20% plus for I gram

(j) 25% plus less than I gram

4. A processing fee ofRs.300/- is applicable while registering for the Plan.

5. This is a 22 carat (916) purity gold purchase plan. Refund of deposited amount is not applicable under any circumstances.

6. This gold scheme is not extendable under any circumstances.

7. Live Rates are for a minimum purchase or sale of 10 grams for Gold and I kg for Silver.

8. The monthly amount agreed by the customer must be paid incessantly on agreed respective due dates by the member no later than 10 days from the due date (for late fee 10% charges applied on the MMP amount.

9. Under this scheme the registered Purchaser/Customer cannot be transferable under any circumstances.

10.Monthly agreed amount to be paid regularly on approved dates and should not exceed the stipulated date. .

11. The purchase can neither be paid in advance nor can be carried over.

At the time of agreement the Purchaser/Customer shall provide KYC documents one or two members may appoint a nominee.

13.Payment of purchases beyond the stipulated period or payment of more than one purchase will not be entertained.

14. The minimum amount of MMP is Rs.1000/- and thereafter in multiples of Rs.500/- i.e. (Rs.1000/-, 1500/-, 2000/-, 2500/-, 3000/-, 3500/-, 4000/-, 4500/-, 5000/-, 5500/-, 6000/-, 6500/-, 7000/-, 7500/-, 8000/-, 8500/-, 9000/-, 9500/- ). 15. In a 12 months plan, the customer at the time of delivery ofjewelry needs to pay Il monthly purchases and the company will pay the 12th month

15. The Gold to be handed over/delivered to the customers shall be in the form of Jewellery only. Making charges, process wastage and taxes as applicable if any shall be paid by customer separately. Gold delivery will be done within 7 working days.

16. In the subsequent case the company reserves the rights to amend the whole of the privileges of the purchase plan without prior notice or may suspend the same plan at any time in such case money will not be refunded and the member shall purchase any item equal to the accumulated gold weight.

17. In case of balance in grams, if any left out in the jewellery purchase plan account after adjusting the purchase item various item shall be made available such as gold coins balance money will not be refunded.

18. The Purchaser/ Customer confirms that all particulars / details given in the applications are true and correct and no information has been suppressed / withheld.

19. The Terms and Conditions notified herein and in all Purchase Plans may be Altered, Modified and / or issued Fresh by the Company as per the Market Dynamics and Business requirements without affecting the Basic Values of the Purchase Plans.

20. Subjected to Hyderabad jurisdiction only.