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What is Gold Suvidha?


Indians always had a passion for buying gold, particularly on auspicious occasions. Demand for Gold is interwoven with culture, tradition, and planning for financial protection in times of crisis. Goldsikka launched ‘Gold Suvidha’ to help customers get quick, easy, and safe access to purchasing (buying) gold for as low as Rs 100/-. We provide you with the best process of buying Gold with Real-Time Market Linked Pricing and delivery of physical gold.

Features T&C
Buy 24k Pure Gold

Gold Suvidha's physical purchase plan is where you can buy 24-karat, 999-Pure Gold.

Amount starts from Rs.100/-

Pay the amount at your convenience; the minimum amount starts from Rs. 100/-.


Payments can be made on a Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly basis.

Period and Amount

No fixed Payment Period; No fixed Payment amount.



24 carat 999 purity.


At the time of payment gold price will Applicable.


0.5 gram on wards.


Minimum amount is started from Rs.100/-


Daily / weekly / monthly.


Cheque or RTGS or NEFT or online payment.


1. The Purchaser/ Customer confirms that he/she has fully read and understood the various Terms and Conditions of the purchase plans offered by the Company and based thereon, the Purchaser/ Customer has requested/selected to avail of the Gold under the Gold Suvidha with its terms and conditions.

2. The present Gold Purchase agreement is only in respect of the purchase of Physical 999 purity gold, and the current gold rate prevalent at the time of purchase shall be made applicable.

3. The Gold Suvidha offered and agreed to is for the purchase and placement of a specific weight of gold, with the accumulated amount paid consecutively over convenient intervals in a specific, defined period.

4. In Gold Suvidha minimum amount will be starting from Rs.100/- to multiples of 100 should be paid by the purchaser/customer in their account.

5. The purchaser/customer can make their payments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

6. Live Rates are for a Minimum Purchase or Sale of 10 grams for Gold and 1 kg for Silver.

7. Customers can Redeem their Gold with a Minimum Gram value of 2 Grams or more; for gram values below 2 Grams Fractional Gram Rate will be Applicable.

(i)Goldsikka Gold Sell Rate
The Fractional Gram Rate is as follows:
  (a) 18% Plus for 1.5 Grams
  (b) 20% Plus for 1 Gram
  (c) 25% Plus for 0.5 Gram

(ii)Goldsikka Gold Buy Rate
The Fractional Gram Rate is as follows:
  (a) 14% Minus for 4 Grams
  (b) 16% Minus for 3 Grams
  (c) 18% Minus for 2 Grams
  (d) 20% Minus for 1 Gram
  (e) 25% Minus less than 1 Gram

8. A minimum of Rs. 1000/- should be added to the Gold Suvidha every month, and if the customer fails to add a minimum of Rs. 1000/- on any month, a charge of Rs. 100/- will be levied on the month in which the added amount is less than Rs. 1000/-.

9. GST@3% and all other Govt taxes ( TCS@0.1% + TDS@0.1% + other levies ) which are applicable or which may become applicable shall be paid by the customer on the day of purchase placement Invoice.

10. The GST will be applicable and paid on the amount paid for the equivalent value of gold at the time of delivery.

11. The Gold Suvidha follows the Bullion rate declared by the company on all working days. All bank holidays will be considered holidays, and the previous last closing rate will be taken as the trade rate.

12. In the Purchase Placement Application and Contract, No Refund of money is allowed under any circumstances under the Gold Suvidha.

13. All the payments shall be made by cheque or bank transfer, or Online Payment only. In case of dishonour of cheque & ECS or NACH minimum bouncing charges of Rs. 500/- shall be charged. Purchaser/customer should ensure to collect the receipt voucher/ original at the time of payment.

14. This present purchase and placement bill, agreement, and contract are non-transferable.

15. The purchase plans are unique and will not be linked to any other existing or future Purchase plans or offers.

16. Under this Purchase Plan Indian citizens are only eligible, MINORS are not eligible to be a Purchaser/Customer.

17. The Gold to be handed over or delivered to the customers shall be in the form of biscuits, coins, bars, or jewellery only. Making charges, wastage charges and taxes as applicable if any shall be paid by the customer separately. Upon gold redemption, gold will be delivered within 7 working days.

18. The locker facility, if any, provided by the company at any of its branches is not regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

19. We deal only in LBMA-approved gold.

20. All the general Force Majeure terms are applicable.

21. The Company may opt to send SMS or communicate in other modes to remind payments and about any other products or services of the Company or of any other entities, or to convey any information to the Purchaser or Customer.

22. The Purchaser/ Customer confirms that all particulars or details given in the applications are true and correct and no information has been suppressed or withheld.

23. The Terms and Conditions notified herein and in all Purchase Plans may be altered, modified, and/or issued fresh by the Company as per Market Dynamics and Business requirements, without affecting the Basic Values of the Purchase Plans.

24. Subjected to Hyderabad's jurisdiction only.